Calculus Curriculum

1) Functions, Graphs, and Limits
   A. Analysis of graphs;
   B. Limits of functions , including one side limit;
   C. Asymptotic and unbounded behavior;
   D. Continuity as a property of functions.
2) Derivatives
   A. Concept of the derivative via difference quotients;
   B. Derivative at a point;
   C. Derivative as a function,
   D. Second and higher derivatives;
   E. Applications of derivatives;
   F. Computation of derivatives;
   G. Function testing process variability.
3) Integrals
   A. Interpretations and properties of definite Integrals;
   B. Applications of integrals;
   C. Fundamental theorem of calculus;
   D. Improper integrals;
   E. Techniques of antidifferentiation;
   F. Applications of antidifferentiation;
   G. Numerical approximations to definite integrals;
   H. Using integrals to solve surface area and volume of figures limited by
       curves -  multiple integration.